The Rother connects Northiam and Newenden.

One of the great things about nature is how it’s so easy to connect one old and thriving natural site to one that’s relatively new and taking shape to be a beautiful biodiverse area. In between these sites is the river Rother which flows out into the channel. In the summer it is used as a fishing and boating venue. The river is used by swan’s, ducks and kingfishers have been spotted on the Newenden side.

On the day I visited it was flooding but the marsh either side was coping really well, and any runoff could easily be soaked up, providing a habitat suitable for ducks, waders, corvids and birds of prey. On the Newenden side the local residents have planted wildflowers and had a scrape dug, so that it will attract frog’s toad’s newts and insects in the summer. Hopefully this will benefit the Northiam side of the river in future years.

This kind of connectivity needs help from people who own the land and see the potential for biodiversity. There are many people in the village of Northiam who are keen and interested in such a project, but time will tell. For now, I can only observe and advertise the potential. The photos below I hope will go little way in advertising such potential.

The flooded river Rother

Flooded rather taken from the Newenden side.

The Newenden scrape.

This common buzzard was photographed looking longingly from the Northiam side into the Newenden side.

Pied wagtails are regulars in Newenden not so much in Northiam.

The potential of the Northiam side is clear to see.

Gadwall are starting to feed. I will keep you informed of the progress or not.


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