Newenden and the Rother a quick return 9/11/22

I never thought I would be visiting Newenden so soon after my last visit .When I visited last time, I was amazed at how well the river and the levels were coping with flooding. It rained continuously for many days so I thought I would take another look.

The sheep moved to higher ground

Although not threatening the village the river is very high.

Although the water was high there was still plenty of wildlife. Starlings bathed in the flood plain stonechat tumbled in and out of bushes and a kestrel searched for prey along the banks. Towards the railway line which is lined by hawthorn rich in berries. I came across at least 20 fieldfares gorging themselves. A fantastic sight of a red listed bird .The number of starlings another red listed bird totalled a hundred.

The kent and East Sussex railway

What a place, I’m looking for Newenden to share the love with Northiam. Connectivity is the key. Another strange thing for me was the wildflowers growing on land left fallow by the farmer.

Corn daisies and cornflowers.

Crimson clover.

Corn poppies. Wow its November.


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