Winter in St Francis fields, Northiam East Sussex. 5/12/22

St Mary’s church dates from the 12th century and can be seen clearly from St Francis fields.

I visited St Francis fields for the first time since the summer. I wanted to see what wildlife was around. In the summer there are plenty of insects’ reptiles and small mammals. The leaves on the trees restricted sightings of small birds so now the leaves had dropped, I felt I had a good chance to see some birds. The church above is a great habitat for swifts.

On a rather dull and dank morning there was plenty to see: Blue tits, Jackdaws. Robins. Blackbirds, Starlings, Goldfinches, Woodpigeons, Redwings, Song thrushes’ Magpies and Meadow pipits.

Blue tit.

Redwing, song thrush and starling all on the red list in the UK.

Female blackbird with breakfast.

At least 2 meadow pipits.


Another visit to St Francis fields is on the cards soon.


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