A daytrip into Kent for birding.

It was a fantastic sunny day on the Kent coast today.8/11/22.I had read on social media that there were a pair of Whooper swans at the ARC hide at Dungeness.I keep a yearly list of birds seen throughout the year and these swans were missing from the list.I feel I have to explain that I am not a twitcher but a birdwatcher.I would not travel 300 miles just to see one bird but would visit a centre to watch a range of wildlife.

There is nothing like a walk in the country or a walk along the coast to clear the mind. I was determined to see the swan but I hoped to get a closer look .Sadly on this day it was not possible but did get a shot for my records.

Two Whooper swans.

I don’t think there has ever been a wildlife trip that has not come up with a surprise. I took the picture from the road, I parked the car and walked towards two other birders who had previously discovered the birds only ,for them to tell me how close they were and that they had scared them off. LOL. The upside to this is that they let me use they’re scope to watch them and they also pointed out six Bewick swans ,another bird not on my list. A great start.

A Bewick family.

While I was standing by the road I watched a marsh harrier searching for its lunch. I have always found this bird very difficult to photograph, But I took a number of shots three of which I post below.

I am no sure weather the cormorant was the intended victim.

Scouring the landscape

Before you see a Marsh harrier you would normally see the threat in the form of a mass scattering of any birds trying not to be predated as you can see below.

Away from the ARC on to the Dungeness visitor centre looking up to see starlings ,a red listed species looking down on me

As you can see below Dungeness has a unique landscape which encourages a wide range of wildlife .Gadwall use the pond outside the centre.

.Great black backed gulls occupied the islands on this day, However it can vary.

On the way home I came across Greylag ,cormorant, barnacle geese, coot, shoveler , lapwing, buzzard , heron, pochard, mute swan,meadow pipit and a mistle thrush.



Barnacle geese


Grey heron



Meadow pipit

Mistle thrush

As the seasons change so do the species of birds. Awesome place.

This buzzard showed up in the background of a photo.


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