My working life aged 16-25 in Basildon . Part 1

Although my working life outside of school started at 16 It started as soon as I could do bob a job for the cubs.

I remember you had to knock on neighbours houses and offer to do a job for a shilling, a bob as it was known. All this to raise money for the cubs .In return they signed our card and we gave them a sticker. As youngsters we learnt how to make money cleaning cars. Then we went onto paper rounds ,Pollards and H.T.Dwyers in Basildon.

Real graft came once I left an exam half way through it.As long as I had a job mum and dad didn’t care what I did as long as I could pay a little rent.This brings me to my first opportunity or job. As kids we used to hang around the wimpy bar in Basildon. We heard that there were jobs going in a factory called Spong. I would say there were 5 of us who turned up together at Spongs. The manager took us all on .He must have been desperate. We were on a production line making mincers .Seen below.

Opened in Basildon 1962 my first job .Best part of the job was lunch time kick around on gloucester park.I lasted 2 weeks then when I got my wages of £7.50 I never went back .It was the most filthy job ,cleaning the metal discs shown below.

Jobs back in the 1960s were easy to get ,so I went from a filthy stinking job that ruined my Levis to being a greengrocer at Peacheys and a wage of £12.50 .Longer hours but cleaner and much more fun with all the fruit I could eat. I loved this job all except the Saturday working. I couldn’t go to Spurs ,mid week games only. Eddie the manager was a brilliant bloke and taught me the game. My first shop was Peacheys Pitsea broadway opposite the market , next to Bartons the bakers and the fish and chip shop. Life back then was easier and less hectic even though we were very busy.Images of the area are below.

The Pitsea broadway.

When I could afford it I had a pint at lunch time The railway hotel sometimes referred to as the “flying bottle”. I always found it OK .Age was never an issue back in the day I had my first pint at 15. Can you believe they knocked this pub down.?The war memorial was moved to Pitsea park.

The Domes.

Pitsea market.

Back in the day Pitsea was a great place I later returned as the manager of Peacheys Pitsea . Happy days and great memories of those who worked for me.Pitsea was also the place to get your clobber from in Alfs up the road.

Alfs .Part 2 management and markets.


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