Birds of Costa Rica

The Great- tailed Grackle.

It will be no surprise to people who are from Costa Rica ,that one of the first birds I saw was the Great-tailed Grackle.The male appears black with a purple glossy sheen, while the female has dull brown underparts.This bird prefers open habitat close to rivers,it has black legs a black bill with whitish eyes.All pictures are best seen if you click on image.But your choice.Can be seen on the Cano Negro

The Tropical king bird.

A common resident can be found just about anywhere and feeds on insects .They appear to be monogamous.The sexes are smilar in colour .There are around 200 million breeding ,so they are of little conservation concern.A beautiful bird.

Scarlet Macaw

A beautiful and colourful bird.It has a massive hooked beak.You would normally see them in pairs and feeds on fruit and nuts.I wasn’t sure I would see them let alone photograph them.One of 17 Macaw species.Strange fact :they eat clay from riverbanks.

On my trip I wanted to see as many different species as I could from a list of around 900 sadly I left disappointed, number wise.However I am determined to go back.Iwill post my sightings on here to keep me informed.Pura Vida.

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