Sussex birding on the Petts levels near Winchelsea. January 18th, 2023

The view from the sea wall looking North .You are almost guaranteed to see marsh harriers sending those birds down the food chain scattering. It can be an amazing sight. Lapwing and starlings see safety in numbers. As seen below

Marsh harriers hunt over reed beds looking for small birds and mammals. Beautiful to watch on a sunny day when the light catches on the wings of a male. As seen below.

It’s always exciting watching raptors , but there is so much more to see .On the northern marsh side I managed to spot: Cormorant in there 100’s 1 shelduck,5 barnacle geese,1 egyptian goose, 5+ canada geese, 50+ greylags, tufted duck ,100s of coot, 100s of lapwing, pochard, little grebe, shoveler mute swans ,wigeon and curlew.

Canada geese

Coot, Wigeon

Cormorant, shoveler,

Barnacle geese, to the left a solitary Egyptian goose.



Little grebe

Tufted duck.


On the channel side of the sea wall the tide was out but if you look carefully you can see so much. As a birder I must admit identifying gulls is not my forte .I use my camera as an identification tool so my photos are often of a poor quality, cropping is the key to seeing birds that are not there at first glance. The barnacle geese and dunlin are examples of cropping where I posted on social media to get confirmation from other birders.

Dunlin in the foreground, Glaucous gull, Herring gull, common gull and yellow footed gull .In both pictures.

Oyster catcher.


Every month I will expect the birds on the levels will change .This was January on beautiful sunny winters day.


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