Birds of Costa Rica ,Squirrel-cuckoo, Boat billed flycatcher and Slatey-tailed trogon.

These blogs are a series looking at birds I have personally photographed in Costa Rica.

Squirrel cuckoo

A large and extremely long tailed bird,this bird was hiding in the canpoy and was difficult to photograph.Named for its squirrel like movement.Mainly an insect eater it is not considered to be in danger.

Boat-billed flycatcher.

The boat billed flycatcher has a huge black bill ,similar to the kiskadee it is common and widespread in Costa Rica it feeds on a variety of insects including cicadas .It will also eat berries as part of its diet.

Slatey-tailed trogon

A large bird of the trogon family of birds.It favours wet ,humid forests feeding on fruit, insects and lizards.This beautiful bird is not globally threatened. All birds were photographed in Costa Rican national parks and surrounding areas.

Pura Vida.


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