Waders of Costa rica. All with yellow eyes,herons of the Tarcoles.

Bare -throated tiger heron.

This heron is not endangered. This picture was taken on a boat trip on the Tarcoles river. The river itself has lots of flotsam and jetsam ,however it is teaming with wildlife.It feeds mainly on fish crabs and frogs.

Yellow crowned night heron.

The Yellow crowned night heron has orange eyes and legs, it prefers salt water and once again can be found on the Tarcoles river .It is not endangered and feeds mainly on crabs.

The tricoloured heron.

This picture shows the plastic pollution on the Tarcoles river. It is found on mudflats and pond edges but prefers salt water, it can be aggressive and protects its hunting grounds. It will stir the river to get its food.

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