North Yorkshire, Settle, Giggleswick and Malham.

Giggleswick side of the River Ribble.

Giggleswick is a beautiful village, with great amenities ; however, Covid 19 was taking its toll on businesses, pubs and restaurants as all were closed. Supplies could, however, be brought in Settle ,a short walk across the bridge. I can only imagine that both places get a lot of visitors .For entertainment we found a great cheese and wine farm shop on the A65 which had a museum on site.  It’s not the seeing that’s entertaining but the drinking and eating of delicious wine and cheese.

The lockdown was slowly gaining momentum but people were still out in numbers. We visited Malham which was still open for visitors to walk and climb. A very popular village along the Pennine way.

A picturesque part of the Pennine way near Malham

The pictures above depict a National Trust walk at Malham showing Malham cove, a great habitat for the peregrine falcon .Belted cows roamed freely grazing on the lush grass. Climbing had yet to be banned and a few adventrous people were ascending the limestone rock face.

A great place to visit but it was time to go home and lockdown completely ; I can’t believe its been 4 weeks. Stay safe everyone .